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 The Diros Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in the world. Located on the west coast of the Laconic Peninsula in the bay of Diros .

Diros Cave existence was known locally since about 1900 . But no one suspected the miracle was hidden inside until 1949 , when the founders of the Greek Speleological Society , Giannis and Anna Petrocheilou began to explore systematically . Until 1960 it was explored and mapped 1,600 meters while today the known length of the cave is more than 15 km .

The Diros cave began to form before hundreds of thousands of years. The stalactites and stalagmites that are currently under water formed when the sea level was much lower than the current level . The water in it is brackish and has high hardness . The temperature is about 14 C , while the air ranges from 16 to 19 C.

Its natural entrance has a diameter just half a meter and is very close to sea level . In earlier times the cave had also other entries which gradually closed .

 Inside the cave have been found fossilized bones of panther , hyena , lion , deer , marten and the largest deposit of hippopotamus in Europe. Near the natural entry ceramics have been found that suggest human presence .

 220 m. East of Glyfada is the Cave ” Alepotrypa ” . The cave contains Petroglyphs .