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Elafonisos is a small island in the southeastern tip of Peloponnese. There you will find the beautiful Simo’s Beach ranked as one of the best in the world.

The crystal clear blue waters , the golden sand , the dunes and the forest with juniperus macrocarpa compose a unique landscape. Simos beach is divided in two parts  by the bay of Sarakiniko. Locals refer to those parts as the big beach and the small beach.


To reach Elafonisos from Maurovouni you have to take a 70 minutes drive to Neapoli  and just 5 minutes or so before you enter the town, look for Punta’s port. Once you arrive at the port you will board in one of the small Ferry boats offerering dailly connection to and from the island. Elafonisos island doesnt provide any kind of public transportation so it might be wise to rent a car first or to take yours. But thats not completely necessary unless you want to discover the whole island.

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