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 Just one hour drive from Mavrovouni is the beautiful castle of Monemvasia . Destination definitely must visit !

Monemvasia also known to the Franks as Malvasia is a small historic city of eastern Peloponnese in Laconia. It is best known from the medieval fortress on the eponymous “Rock of Monemvasia”, which is literally a small island linked by a bridge formed in a 400 metres neck towards the Laconian coast. The surviving buildings and structures in the castle include defensive structures of the external castle and several small Byzantine churches.

Its name is a compound word , derived from two Greek words “Moni”(means only) and “Emvasis”(means entrance) . Many of the roads are narrow and only suitable for pedestrians. The bay of Old Monemvasia is located in the north. Monemvasia ‘s nickname is ” Gibraltar of the East ” because it happens to be in a reduced size identical to the rock of Gibraltar.

Within the medieval walls of Monemvasia is one of the best-preserved castles  in Greece , bringing  all year fanatic visitors. Dozens of churches, rich merchants mansions , fountains , steam and winding cobbled streets preserved in remarkably good condition, preserving the pure atmosphere of this village .